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Being a Jack-Of-All-Trades allows me to get you and your business up to speed regardless of the context.

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Agile Aficionado, Front-End Bro-grammer, Product Ninja, Productivity Guru, and Self-Proclaimed Beer Connoisseur

There's something awesome about working with passionate people that truly love what they do and are eager to learn new things. I'm always on the lookout for for new and better ways to work. And when I find such a things I want to share it.

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From user feedback to customer insights.

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Brainstorming with a team of teams.

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"We've always done it this way"
The most dangerous phrase in business

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It can be be hard for larger organizations to stay on top of new agile methods. A lot of new methods can be mastered with ease as long as you get the proper training. If you want to learn more about the workshops that I offer, just contact me or go to my LinkedIn!

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